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Should You Say Yes to Enhancement Implants?

For a while now, science fiction has predicted the time when man will use technology to enhance his or her own body. The benefits would be immense. Not only will humans gain access to “computing power” right into their heads, but will they also be able to overcome natural defects.

People born deaf or with some chronic deficiency would be hooked up to a chip planted in their brain to help them overcome these natural pitfalls. Yet, an ethical dilemma stems out of the entire thing and we ought to ask ourselves the question – how safe are we?

Chips Are Among Us Already

Employees of certain companies are already opting for small chip implants which serve multiple purposes. On the one hand you can use them to gain access to certain places of the building. On the other, you can have your credit card programmed into one of those chips.

It's surrealist and come to think of it, not many people are willing to accept those chips, but most already are. This brings up the question: can you hack a person? Turns out you can – hacking a chip into the palm of a person could potentially be tantamount to stealing a person's data, locations (as in places where they have been), or even stealing that person's credentials to stage a heist in said person's office building.

The possibilities are many. There have been demonstrations of how easy it is to break into a driverless car and effectively endanger the driver. You couldn't hack a Soviet Lada, but you could mess with a person's Tesla if you know what you were doing. So the question is: is it worth paying the price of surrendering our privacy for the sake of comfort and progress?

Once people begin to get more reliant on implants that are part of their bodies, holding someone hostage from thousands of miles is quite possible. What if we soon start living in orbit around Earth as well? What are the guarantees that you won't see those kind of terrorist leaving Earth? The future is indeed unknown.

Implanting Yourself with a Tesla Chip

Elon Musk recently suggested that he would be able to enhance people by developing a special chip to this end. It sounds scary and it is, but Elon Musk seems to be decidedly for it. Not everyone shares his enthusiasm and certain people are also wondering what Mr. Musk's motivation is. Needless to say, conspiracy theorists are going wild with the whole “mind control” and “brain washing” rhetoric, warning people not to accept these chips into their heads.

Out of the cacophony surrounding these chips implants, the true great benefit is that people would be able to overcome some physical deficiency which is ultimately a very good thing. With this in mind, Elon Musk's neurolink chip could do the world of good to people.

Once again, the chip is just a tool, and its true purpose depends on how we use it. Whether we choose to do good or cause harm is up to governments and individuals. However, who would feel secure if a group of hackers decide to literally hold people hostage or snoop on them.

Would it be possible for a person to see what we see through our chip? A sort of “Being John Malkovic” experience? Warding against such fantastic but plausible threats is smart and it a welcome move. Whatever your own beliefs are and whether you think that chips will be installed in every man, woman and child, bringing the ethical dilemma is now.

Then again, chips could drastically help people beat games and excel at tasks. You know how A.I. has been beating professional video gamers these days as well as chess players? Well, casinos are next. You can know about online casinos from the best source out there:, but you will always benefit from the boost that a computing chip could give you.

Yes, knowing how to count cards is awesome. Then again, with a chip in your head, it becomes a breeze. No sweating, no acting all fidgety. Just talking to the other person while the chip crunching numbers and beating the casinos. Who knows, slot games are unbeatable these days because they use sophisticated algorithms, but the plain truth is that one day a super chip in your head could tell you the most likely outcomes and help you adjust your bets in real time based on the chances of you winning or losing. Certainly not the same as beating the slots, but very close.

To finish on an optimistic note, there are quite a few things that you will be able to do to advance your chances of landing a great profit, but not only that – your quality of life might improve.